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Packages that use VoidCallback
org.graffiti.util.attributes Contains utility classes for the creation of attributes employing the abstract factory pattern. 

Uses of VoidCallback in org.graffiti.plugin.tool

Methods in org.graffiti.plugin.tool with parameters of type VoidCallback
 void ToolRegistry.executeChanges(VoidCallback<ToolRegistry> callback)
          Calls the specified callback.
 void ToolEntry.visitAll(VoidCallback<Tool<?>> visitor)
          Calls the specified visitor for all tools of this entry.

Uses of VoidCallback in org.graffiti.util.attributes

Fields in org.graffiti.util.attributes declared as VoidCallback
protected  VoidCallback<Object> AttributeFactory.postCallback
          The callback to be called after the value of an attribute created by this factory has actually been set.

Methods in org.graffiti.util.attributes with parameters of type VoidCallback
 Attribute AttributeFactoryFactoryManager.createAttribute(String id, Class<?> clazz, Callback<Boolean,Object> preCallback, VoidCallback<Object> postCallback)
          Creates a new Attribute for the specified Class object and with the specified id.
protected  void AttributeFactory.setCallback(Callback<Boolean,Object> preCallback, VoidCallback<Object> postCallback)
          Sets the callbacks.

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