Interface UserGesture

All Known Implementing Classes:
KeyboardGesture, KeyPressGesture, KeyReleaseGesture, ModifiableUserGesture, MouseButtonGesture, MouseDragGesture, MouseGesture, MouseMoveGesture, MousePressGesture, MouseReleaseGesture, PopupMenuSelectionGesture, ToolActivationGesture4, WaitGesture

public interface UserGesture

Classes implementing UserGesture represent basic user actions such as mouse movements, keystrokes, selecting an entry in a context menu or doing nothing for a defined period of time. When a InteractiveView detects an user action, it creates a new object implementing UserGesture and passes it to its assigned UserGestureDispatcher. The view is free in its decision of which object to create for a particular user action, and must not make any assumption about how the program should react. Triggers help to handle user gestures.

Overview of the trigger/action paradigm

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