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Packages that use NodeListener
org.graffiti.event Contains event classes and listener interfaces that are used to react to events fired by the graph model. 

Uses of NodeListener in org.graffiti.event

Classes in org.graffiti.event that implement NodeListener
 class AbstractNodeListener
          An abstract adapter class for receiving node events.

Methods in org.graffiti.event with parameters of type NodeListener
 void ListenerManager.addNonstrictNodeListener(NodeListener l)
          Registers NodeListener l by adding it to the list of non-strict transaction NodeListeners.
 void ListenerManager.addStrictNodeListener(NodeListener l)
          Registers NodeListener l by adding it to the list of strict transaction NodeListeners.
 void ListenerManager.removeNodeListener(NodeListener l)
          Unregisters NodeListener l by removing it from the list of NodeListeners

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